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Non-Lubricated Two Stage 8 Bar Air Compressor


Air Compressor which is Non-Lubricated, Two Stage, 8 Bar, Double acting, Reciprocating, Horizontal Balanced opposed, heavy duty, water cooled, with force-feed lubrication to all bearings, Compressor sheave with fly wheel effect.

Non - Lubricated Two Stage 8 Bar Air Compressor


  • Dry type Suction Air filter with silencer.

  • V-belt Drive arrangement.

  • Water cooled Inter and After cooler with Air through tubes, removable tube bundle, Moisture separator with Auto Drain valve.

  • Single point inlet and outlet Cooling water piping for cylinder jackets, inter and after- coolers.

  • Non-Return valve at discharge air outlet connection.

  • Heavy duty steel deck for mounting the entire package with facility of lifting.



  • CG make SF 1.0 Induction Motor, 4 pole, Squirrel cage, TEFC Cooling, F class insulation Suitable for 415V±, 50 Hz±, 3 Phase, AC electric supply.



  • Schneider or ABB make Contactor.



  • Low oil Pressure switch

  • Low cooling water flow switch

  • Motor overload and single phasing protection

  • Safety valve

  • High Temperature

  • High Discharge Air Pressure

  • Hooter



Advanced microprocessor based control system ensure trouble free operation and safety of compressor by displaying preventive maintenance indication and tripping the compressor. Controller controls and displays on line pressure, displays Automatic loading and unloading of compressor, Temperature, Total run hour with load on run hour, Amp of motor.



The VSD is soft starting which allows for controlled acceleration and deceleration this results in reduced stress on mechanical components and enhanced system reliability which extend the life of the compressor.

There is a significant saving with variable speed operation over the entire life of compressor. With the help of VSD compressors precisely control system pressure to ±2 psig using highly accurate sensors to control motor speed. This eliminates "overpressurizing" and increases energy savings - after all every 2 psig saved in overpressurizing reduces power consumption by 1%.

Non - Lubricated Two Stage 8 Bar Air Compressor
Non - Lubricated Two Stage 8 Bar Air Compressor
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